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Product Details

Anesthesia Machine

Product Details


.perating Modes: Pneumatically driven& electronically controlled, closed,

semi-closed and semi-open

.Anesthesia Ventilator:Built-in5.7inch TFTdisplay,able-display

Pressure-Time and Frequency-Time, displayed waveforms can be cycled

instantly with a touch of a button

.Standard integratedmetallic modular respiratorycircuit;completelysolves

the problem of gas sealing under high temperature disinfection,easy to clean

and disinfect

.Equipped with electronic pressure differential flow sensor,imported

respiratory control valve

Vaporizer: Imported tank components assembled locally; Enflurane,

Isofluraneand Sevoflurane(Halothane optional). Also possesses


. High precision four tube flowmeter,fitted with interlockingoxygen-nitrous

oxide supply, guarantees oxygen output is never lower than 21%

.Nonhazardous environmentally friendly frame,withautomated self-checking

function during startup and an automatic self-calibrating sensor

.Power Failure Support Functions: Automatically converts to backup power

mode during AC power outages

. Alarms: Audible and/or visual alarms for tidal volume, airway pressure,

asphyxia,power failure, oxygen failure and other alarms, also features aalarm


. Equipped with advanced international rotatingNa-lime tank,usesimported

PPSU material and temperature resistantto 134C

.Multi-parameter Patient Model:Optional

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