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Trace Elements Analyzer

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      GA-W-201series traceelements analyzer is an equipment which developedand produced by our own

professional R&D team with importedanddomestic components.It can test and analyze the zinc, iron, calcium,cadmium, copperin blood,the circuitof the instrument adopts large-scale integrated chip, which makesthe volumedesign smaller and the failure rate lower.The instrument has the advantagesof convenient operation, fast testing,high accuracy, moderate price, and aperfect function of data and information management.It is suitable for various microanalysisand trace analysis in hospitals, maternal and child health, health andepidemic prevention,  quality supervision,  environmental  protection and  scientific research  colleges anduniversities.

Application scope:It issuitable for the analysis of trace elements in clinicaltest.

Theinstrumentadoptsanall-Englishoperationinterface,whichmakestheoperation simplerandfaster,thetestspeedisfaster,theaccuracyishigh,andhasaperfect power failure data protection functionis.

Theinstrumentadoptsuniqueopticalsystem,whichmakesthetestresulthasahighaccuracy and repeatability, and prolong the service life. The circuit of theinstrumentadoptsthehighintegratedchipofUnitedStates,whichmakesthevolumedesignsmaller and the failure ratelower.


1.Cardswiping system,can equip with swipe card reader,which can identify IDcard, ordinary IC card, ID card, and othermagnetic cards, and also can set up themagnetic cards to implement the classificationmanagement for timing card,counting cardetc.

2.Testing principle: dual channeltesting, electrochemical method and fullspectrum scanning method to test trace elementcontent.

3.Test items: zinc, iron, calcium,magnesium, manganese, lead, cadmium,copper4.Convenient recipes and catering functions: According tothe

《DRIs(Chinese Dietary Guide)》 of    Chinese Nutrition Society and the  《Chinese

Food Ingredient List 》 that issued by Chinese Center for Disease Controland Prevention to provide a reasonabledietary nutrition guidanceprogram.

5.Display:image input system,the reference image more graphic,can judge theintake moreaccurately

Recipe entry interface -seven graphic food pictures,which easy to select andaccurate judge theintake.

Nutritional GuidanceInterface - shows dietary nutrition guidance report, includingthe weightoffoodssuchasgrain,meat,fruitsandvegetables,andtheirrepresentative foods that are needed intake in breakfast, lunch anddinner.

6.Issuetrace element analysis report, dietary nutrition analysis report, foodexchangereport, recommended recipes report and physical developmentreport.

7.Convenientrecipes and catering functions: The clinical dietary nutrition recipecan automatically calculate the contentof food ingredients. Dietary nutrition cateringcan automatically calculate the content of foodingredients.

8.Peripheral blood test, savingtime, is the best choice for primaryhospitals.

9.Patientcantestatanytime,andcangetthereportimmediately,andcaninsertthe patientatrandom.

10.Fully-importedelectrode system which reduces the wear and tear duringusing,and prolong the servicelife.

11.  Englishsoftware:MatchingChinese software, the results are printed directly,data

canbeprocessedinaregressionway,theoperationissimple,quick,functionaland wide testscope.

12.Dataquerysystem,providingtelephonenumber,wechatnumber,IDnumberand other query methods for users toquery past data.

13.Itissuitableforvarioustraceanalysisanddietaryguidanceinhospitals,maternal andchild health care, health and epidemic prevention, qualitysupervision, environmental protection,scientific research institutions and otherdepartments.

14.Input voltage:220V 50Hz Input power:110VA

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