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Electric wheelchair

Product Details

                                       Parameter Configuration
1. The length is 115 cm and 128 cm includesa small trailer behind; The car is 68 cm wide and the width in the seat is 1250px; The car is 95 cm high and 130 cm with a headrest; The seat is 50 cm abovethe ground, the seat depth is 45 cm, and the rear trailer is 45 cm wide and 700px long.
2. After the station trailer aluminumalloy, wear-resistant rubber universal wheels, equipped with high-speedbearings, durable and easy to install, usually not used can be turned up, very convenient;
3. With 40A/20A/12A wheelchair-specificbatteries, it can run 59/38/26 kilometers and continue for 1 hour and 6kilometers;
4. Two 250-watt Motors, using German motorhigh-speed bearings, the noise is smaller and more durable, gear box gears arerefined from imported materials, and wear resistance is good;
5. The seat cushion and back cushion use athree-centimeter high elastic sponge, waterproof and moisture-proof Oxfordcloth, and seat belt use an aviation seat belt, which is more comfortable andsafer to use;
6. The head pillow adopts the principle ofhuman body science in Europe and the United States as a high-tech materialpillow. The 360 degree can be adjusted, the height can be adjusted, and it canbe disassembled at any time.
7. The foot pedal adopts pure nylonmaterial European and American standards, high comfort and durability;
8. The front wheel fork is pressed with a5M steel plate, and the durable steering is flexible and not moving.
9. The 10 inch PU tire of the front wheelhas a stronger ability to cross obstacles. Pure nylon wheels are equipped withhigh-speed imported bearings.
10. The 22-inch gray pure rubber tire ofthe large wheel is an international standard. It is called a tire withoutimpurities. The outer diameter of the wheel is equipped with a handwheel, whichcan be operated by itself when there is no electricity.
11. Beautiful small handbrake, safe andbeautiful;
12. Handrail height can be arbitrarilyadjusted to meet each customer's requirements for handrail height;
13. The controller's hand position can bearbitrarily adjusted, adapt to the customer's habitual hand position, and canalso be moved to the back to facilitate the control of the person behind thestation;
14. The controller adopts British PG coretechnology, which is operated by Zuoyourenyifangxiang before and after, and isconvenient and durable.
15. The protective plate adopts six M Mnylon material board, the shape is beautiful and smooth, not easy to deform,durable;
16. Handrails are made of PU material, fullof flexibility and willfulness, improving comfort;
17. The back is equipped with convenientpockets to facilitate traveling with some necessary items;
18. Put the car away and put it into thetrunk of the car. The leg can be easily dismantled and installed. It isconvenient for the entire vehicle to carry when it is far away.
19. The leg guard belt 110 M widened, itlooks like people feel psychologically safe, and it is safer and morecomfortable to actually use;
20. The rear is equipped with anti-dumpingwheels to prevent overturning on the slope. It can also be replaced with astation trailer to facilitate escort personnel to travel together. The trailercan also pull some luggage to facilitate items.
21. There is a clutch in the middle of thewheel, which can be converted to manual or electric at any time;
22. The rear push handle adopts Anti-Sliptype handlebars, and the comfortable shape uses special materials;
23. The frame body adopts a large tube tostrengthen the pipe, a 25 * 50 square tube, and a design load of more than 150kilograms;
24. The connectors of the wires are allequipped with quick-break connectors for easy maintenance. In addition, sparehorn lines are installed to install high-power speakers or some speakers.

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