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Product Details

Color 3D ultrasound

Product Details

Main Functions:

Having a full digital beam forming technology

Scanning mode: Convex array, lumen, high-frequency linear array, phased array;

Dynamic range: 0~120dB adjustable;

Display mode: B,B/B,M,B/M,CFM,CMF/B,PDI,B/PW, total eight mode;

Application mode: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, superficial organ, urologist, heart and user defined model

1-4, total ten models;

Image mode: digital beam forming, tissue harmonic imaging;

Acoustic output: Mechanical index and thermal index real-time display;

Acoustic power:Step is adjustable, real-time display;

Gray scale: 256 scales;

Depth display: ≥250mm;

B/D dual-purpose: linear array: B/PWD; convex array: B/PWD;

Pseudo color processing: 16 kinds of pseudo color encoding can optional;

Gain adjusts: 8 segments TGC, B/M/D/C is independently adjustable; TGC curve can show and hide automatically;

Image magnification: picture in picture zoom in and zoom part function;

Image processing: Edge enhancement: Multilevel adjustable

Frame average: Multilevel adjustable

Line average: Multilevel adjustable

Focus Optimization: Multilevel adjustable

Gray Restrain: Multilevel adjustable

Gamma correction: Multilevel adjustable

Contrast: Adjustable

Brightness: Adjustable

Self-motion optimize function: Built-in multiple check type, according to different inspection organs, preset best

image check condition, reduce the adjusting operation keys;

One-click optimization function: preset several parameters adjusting focus on a button, a key to realize image

fast optimization;

Measurement and calculation: B mode routine measurement:

Distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, ratio, and stenos rate.

M mode routine measurement: Heart rate, time, distance, speed, ratio, etc.

Gynecology measurement: Uterus, cervix, endometrial, ovary, follicular.

Obstetrics measurement:

EGA, ETD, fetal weight estimation, AFI index, OB report (including OB tables).

Cardiology measurement: LV measurement.

Urology measurement:

Prostate volume, displacement volume, bladder capacity, and residual urine output.

PW measurements: Time, speed, Heart Rate, RI, PI, etc.

Other measurement: Slice volume measurement, hip joint angle measurement.

Image storage: Image storage, video storage, cine loop, disk storage capacity≥160G;

Patient data: Medical record management, report inquiry and printing, image video output( HDD ,USB,Optional

DVD-RW),built-in ultrasound workstation;

Reporting system: automatic report generation system, and can be full screen characters in both Chinese and

English editor;

Output interface: SR323,USB,DICOM interface;

Main Technical Indexes

The performance requirements of gray-scale imaging mode

The color ultrasonic at the gray-scale imaging performance mode should comply with the provisions of the table

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