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Product Details


Product Details

High frequency X-ray generator:

40~110KV, 3.5KW, 40KHz

Fluoroscopy mode 40~110KV 0.5~5mA

(KV manual and automatic);

Pulsd fluoroscopy 40~110KV  0,5-5mA

Boost fluoroscopy 40~110kV 5~10mA;

Photography 40~110kV  1~250mAs

Dual-focus Fixing anode:0.6mm/1.5mm  

Image intensifier: Three fields of vision 9'', 6'', 4.5''

CCD camera:1KxK megapixel, 22LP/cm,

360° rotation

C arm movement:



Rotation about horizontal axis:±180°

Pivotal rotation: ±12.5°

Dual 19'' LCD high definition display

With DICOM 3.0, connect to PACS system

Power supply:  AC220V±22V,50±1Hz

Packing size: 2.45x0.85x1.68m, 0.81x0.71x1.42m,

4.32CBM, 535KG

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