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Product Details

Dental Unit

Product Details


1.90rotable ceramic spittoon1set

2. Auto spitton flush and cup filler control system 1set

3.24V noiseless DC motor1set

4.3-way syringe(cold/hot)2set

5. LED Operating light1set

6. Saliva ejector with strong and weak suction 1set

7. Water tank(air pressurized)(built-in)1set

8. Operating stool 1set

9. Instrument tray with air brake 1set Synchronized movement contool system uith 9

memories locked-function


Imported 4 hole high speed air turbine hand piece

Imported 4 hole low speed air motor hand piece

Endoscope system

Ultrasonic scaler

Curing light


Power Voltage:220V,50Hz

Motor Voltage:24V

Water Pressure:0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa

Air Pressure:0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

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